On July 19, 2019 for our speaker series we welcomed Brandon Elvas, a Bulkeley High School alumni from the class of 2011. During all four years of his high school career, he represented Bulkeley as one of their star soccer players, concluding his senior year with 27 goals. During his run, he helped his team qualify for the state tournament, something that hadn’t been achieved in 11 years. Afterwards, he was scouted by D1 and D2 colleges including the University of Hartford and Central Connecticut State University to continue his soccer career. He ended up playing for Manchester Community college for two years and then went on to Portugal to play soccer professionally.
As a speaker, Brandon shared his knowledge and experiences with our players, offering them valuable advice to use in their personal lives. He began with memories of his life at Bulkeley and how, during his senior year, he realized that he had to become a better athlete if he wanted to be successful. He worked tirelessly off-season and on-season to improve his fitness and get to a position where he became a key player. This proved to our players that they drive their own destiny and have the ability to control how others perceive them. It also showed them how important it is to be proactive; even if the results aren’t instant, the work pays off.
Brandon continued his talk by discussing the importance of self-discipline and prioritization. Having the ability to ignore distractions is pertinent to achieving goals, and self-improvement should always come first. He told our players to never stop investing in themselves, as every added improvement will make all the difference on the field, at home, and as a member of society.
We are thankful to Brandon for coming to talk to our players and sharing his life experiences with us. He has proven to be a great role model, and we know his lessons will be taken to heart.