On Wednesday, July 10th, Kevin Timbro from Team BreakThru hosted the third workshop in our speaker series: a motivational talk on potential and perseverance. On the fields of Hartford Public High School, he sat our players down and instilled in them this message: anyone is capable of greatness. The only obstacle barring us from our dreams is ourselves, especially when we don’t believe in our capabilities.


At the beginning of the talk, Kevin shared with our players the struggles he had growing up, one of them being his weight in high school. He was bullied and always found it hard to respect himself, instead focusing more on the identity that others assigned to him. This did not stop him, however, and by his senior year, through his focus on fitness, he was able to better himself and his self image. He also became athletic enough to be recruited to play college football at Western Connecticut State University. The purpose of telling this story was simple: he wanted to teach our players that they are not limited to what others say about them. Following this heart-to-heart was a segment where Timbro used a stack of concrete slabs to represent concepts like fear and failure. Each block was a trial withholding us from our true potential. He said that with perseverance and determination you can crush it all just like he did with the slabs.


He concluded the workshop by telling our players that everything in life is possible and if there are things that will make you feel happy, you should pursue them. Also, it is important to surround yourself with people that will help you grow and be there with you, not because of the benefits, but because they truly love and support you as a person.
We are very thankful to have had Kevin and his organization be part of our workshop series. We look forward to seeing him at our fundraiser in August and hope to continue keeping in touch.