On Thursday, August 8th, the Hartford Sports Foundation closed off its second annual soccer program. To commemorate such a successful season, we had a celebration at Hartford Pizza, where the venue was kind enough to cater to our 30+ guests. The number of people who came to the event is humbling to us, and shows us how much our organization and family has grown over the past year. To those who could not attend the get-together but supported us throughout the season, we truly hope you realize how grateful we are.
Our founder and executive Erdit Abedini kicked off the event by briefing our guests on how the Hartford Sports Foundation came to be and its progress. Since the beginning, we’ve wanted it to be a place of growth for soccer players, and have worked tirelessly with our sponsors and volunteers to provide resources for them. Over the past three months, we’ve been able to host workshops covering topics like entrepreneurship and communication, teach our players how to become self-sustaining athletes, and help students with visibility and college recruitment applications. None of this would have been possible without the help of the HSF staff, our sponsors, our partners, and our silent supporters. For this reason, we extend our gratitude to you now.


Each of our players received a certificate for participating in the program. We hope that this is something they will include in their resumes, especially for those who will soon begin the college application process.
We were honored to be joined by Luke Bronin for Hartford. We’d like to thank him for attending the event and for assuring us that the City of Hartford is supportive of our efforts. As an initiative that works to help Hartford’s aspiring athletes, his attendance at our end-of-season celebration indicates to us just how much compassion he has for Hartford’s youth.


We would lastly like to thank our partner, Hartford Athletic, for attending the event and supporting our mission. Our athletes received Hartford Athletic bags, took pictures with the Hartford Athletic team, and were lucky enough to get a few autographs. As Hartford’s hometown soccer team, Hartford Athletic inspires our players to achieve their maximum potential. Having their role models there to celebrate their successes with them was definitely a highlight of the summer.