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Seniors helped with college applications.
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(Summer 2018)

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We plan to reinvent Hartford sports and its reputation across the state by developing Respect, Honesty, and Integrity within all participants in our program. The participants will experience not only physical training for their games but also professional development on and off the field through a structured business model. We provide students with the enrichment they need to be successful when they graduate high school in both personal and professional life.


In the summer of 2018, we hosted the Hartford Summer Camp at Bulkeley High School which lasted from June 18th to August 10, 2018. Last year, 35 high school students from Hartford participated in the summer camp. During the program, the participants were able to further develop their athletic skills and knowledge about the sport. They developed team chemistry through an emphasis on teamwork and communication skills while being provided a safe and enjoyable summer space. The overwhelming majority of players expressed interest in participating again for the following summer.

After the summer season was over, the foundation helped senior players apply for college creating and using highlight videos to promote players’ abilities. HFS also assisted these seniors with their college applications and having a significant impact throughout the application process in terms of attending college open houses and connecting them with different soccer college coaches. The impact that our organization has had in the lives of these students has been tremendous and we are eager to continue providing these opportunities for them with the help of our sponsors.

Currently, there are 2000 student-athletes who play soccer in Hartford, Connecticut. Although there is interest in continual involvement in athletics, there are few opportunities to do so. The opportunities that already exist are often too expensive for students to take advantage of. The main goal of our program is to provide Hartford youth with quality structured training as well as professional development without any barriers to participate. This will be a unique opportunity for students of all races, cultures, and languages to participate in meaningful activities influential to their future success.  

Moving forward, our goal is to expand the programs offered by Hartford Sports Foundation to more student-athletes.  Eventually, we will aim to offer our programs to more gender and age groups. 

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